Ritscher Family Farm


Ritscher Family Farm pastured chickens are raised in as natural of a setting as possible, producing a healthy, flavorful meat. They spend the majority of their lives out on pasture where they have access to plenty of sunshine, grass, and bugs, all of the things a chicken needs to be a chicken!  Every day the birds are given access to a new area for them to forage and frolic in. They are also provided with organically grown feed,  fresh water, shade, and shelter. Our birds are free of medications, antibiotics, and artifical growth hormones so when you purchase a Ritscher Family Farm chicken for your family, you know you are eating meat the way nature intended it to be.

Ritscher Family Farm chickens are available as whole birds, pieced, or by the individual cut. Please refer to the order form for available products and current prices.
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